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Easy and Quick Process



Step 1

Initial Consultation

You’ll meet with one of our skilled in-house designers to discuss your vision for your home. Your designer will want to learn about how you will use the space, understand your style, and get an idea of your budget for the project. We’ll also discuss some potential design ideas.

We’ll take all of the information gathered at this meeting and develop a preliminary budget and design agreement for your approval.


Step 2

Conceptual Design

Upon execution of the design agreement, we’ll begin conceptual designs for your space. During this phase we will be documenting existing conditions in your home, photographing the space, and measuring all of the areas that will be affected during the project in order to prepare “as-built” to-scale floor plans. Your floor plans will incorporate all major space planning components including cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, and furniture.

Once we have developed a design that meets your approval we will provide you with an updated budget (with allowances for your product selections) and a construction proposal, which indicates your commitment to proceed with the construction of your project. We will also provide drawings for any HOA or architectural review boards as needed for approval.


Step 3

Contract & Design Development

Once we’ve received your signed construction proposal, we’ll reserve a start date for you on our project schedule and begin working with you on product selections for your project. Your designer will guide you through the selection of appliances, cabinets, tile, light fixtures, and more. Any structural engineering requirements will be worked through. We’ll do an on-site evaluation with our construction team and trade partners, to help minimize any “unknowns” we may encounter during the construction process.


All plans will be updated and further detailed to include your product selections, exterior elevations, and interior elevations of all major cabinetry areas. We’ll also develop electrical plans with proposed fixtures and locations as well as heating and air plans showing supply and return locations. At the conclusion of this work, you will be provided with a firm price for your project and final contract documents for your signature.


Step 4

Permitting & Construction

This is the final stage to begin construction. Scheduling the construction start date is dependent upon receipt of the permit and the anticipated arrival date of long lead materials.

Due to supply chain issues, we have to work backwards from when critical materials are arriving to determine when we can start construction. Our goal is to keep your project moving along during the construction phase so you can start enjoying your remodel as soon as possible.

Start Your Remodeling Journey!

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